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The HomeBrew Robotics Club was resurrected from the ashes of the original HomeBrew Computer Club by a group enthusiasts who were interested in the emerging field of robotics.


HBRC members have a range of expertise in robotics that includes beginners, experienced amateurs and professionals. There are no age restrictions, so if you have an interest in the field of robotics, please join us.

We currently meet from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm on the last Wednesday of every month (except December).

The venue for the meeting is being hosted by Google (courtesy of Ryan Hickman) on their campus.

Meeting Location

Crane Beach Meeting Room
Google Bldg CL2
1200 Crittenden Ln
Mountain View, CA 94043

You can get directions here.



If you are interested in robotics and would like to keep abreast of club and member news, you will want to join our mail list. If you have a Google Groups account, you can simply add our list to your personal groups. If not, it is easy to set up a free Google Groups account by visiting Our mail list can be found at:


The HBRC Special Interest Group (SIG) is where members help each other solve construction, software, and design problems incurred while building their personal robots.

This meeting is held from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. at the Hacker Dojo in Mt. View (599 Fairchild Dr.) on the 2nd to last Wednesday of the month i.e. one week before the General Meeting.


HBRC is an official California unincorporated assosication. Our by-laws are posted here.


HBRC members are welcome to attend IEEE Robotics and Automation Society meetings which are also held at the Silicon Valley Campus, Carnegie Mellon University usually on the first Wednesday of each Month.