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Fiona McPherson's Perfect Memory Training is a detailed guide that deals with the matter of increasing the capacity and functionality of your memory. McPherson, who has a doctorate in psychology, is regarded as an authority in the memory research field. This book isn't a comprehensive how-to guide, and the majority of the book is devoted to understanding memory. A number of techniques for enhancing memory were developed, thanks to the in depth research carried out by McPherson and others experts in the field. The issue is, not everything works for all people. Factors including psychological, genetic, cultural, and intellectual make every person's mind different.

There are numerous books that offer memory improvement strategies without providing a clear explanation as to exactly how they work. Easy step-by-step instructions on how to boost your memory might be easy to follow, but they're not always easy to adapt to your mind or apply to your life. For instance, what if you're told to imagine the place where you first saw someone so you can conveniently remember the face, but you actually have to look at the executive photo gallery to familiarize yourself with the folks who'll be attending the company meeting? You basically haven't met these people and you've only seen their pictures on a wall so this memory technique isn't actually going to work for you.

Perfect Memory Training is meant to give knowledge and information which could definitely be applied to real-life situations. In the first half of the book, you're going to learn how memory operates. It covers how memories are created and retrieved, in addition to what makes a memory simpler to access. Then it covers the methods by which you can determine what things are worth keeping in mind. The final chapters of part one explain the various parts of memory, and how your working memory operates.

Methods for more effective recall are discussed in the second half of the book. You'll find a couple of tricks for boosting your ability to recall things. You will also learn how you can boost your learning abilities, attention span, and strategic thinking. They are all associated with memory. The book also offers exams so you can test your memory's working capacity. You are going to also find a glossary of terms, plus a list of recommended books.

Fiona McPherson's Perfect Memory Training can be purchased as a print book and an e-book on Amazon. At roughly $10, this book is a good investment for anyone who is fascinated with memory training. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a how-to book on memory training, this book will probably disappoint you. Only one chapter in the book is dedicated to memory tricks and techniques, so you're going to be better off purchasing a book like The Memory book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory. If you want to understand what makes your memory tick, Perfect Memory Training is perfect for you!

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